Etno-Cabana Martonoš

Boarding house ETNO-CABANA is located in the north of Bačka in a small village by the river Tisa. Visitors can stay in a double and triple beds rooms, decorated in an authentic rural style. Boarding house Etno-cabana besides accommodation offers the ability to presents a life of villagers through furniture, tools and accessories, which were used on a daily basis.

The terrace provides an opportunity for family and friends gatherings, as well as for camps and seminars.The garden and the large yard are suitable for various games, walking as well and the possibility of parking. We have a stable for lovers of cavalry tourism and there is a possibility for the accommodation of pets.

The village offers its peace for a full relaxation and provides the opportunity to enjoy in various water sports as well as fishing, thanks to the river and ponds. Banja Kanjiža is located at a distance of 7 km from the boarding house.

In the area:

Blooming of the Tisza'

Large numbers of Tisza mayfly larvae will usually hatch and mature during a week in mid June; this natural phenomenon is known as the 'blooming of the Tisza' and is a tourist attraction. Unfortunately Tisza mayfly only have a few hours to mate before they die.

Banja Kanjiža

"Banja Kanjiža" is best known for its first-class medical treatments. Banja Kanjiža has two indoor swimming pools with thermal water.

River Tisa

Instead of a regular weekly rest, visit the river and enjoy its peace.


Beautiful and noble animals of dignified attitude - horses in Serbia are most often used for work and sports competitions until recently, when it became fashionable to have a horse for a pet.

That there are more and more horses in our country and that owners keep them even in the city, and not only on the farms,this was confirmed by horse breeder Josip Gabrić from Gornji Tavankut.

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